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Imperia Pasta Maker Deluxe Set

Listed Price: $129.99

The pasta I a Italian a pasta-making set includes the chrome-plated steel “imperia” pasta machine with crimped Roller and kneading Roller, adjustable to 6 different thicknesses, with 2 Duplex cutters … Read more…

Making Artisan Pasta: How to Make a World of Handmade Noodles, Stuffed Pasta, Dumplings, and More

Learn how to use the best ingredients and simple, classic techniques to make fresh, homemade pasta in your own kitchen with Making Artisan Pasta. Calling for just the simplest ingredients and a handfu…


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Norpro Pasta Drying Rack

Measures: 16.5″ x 18″ x 18″ / 42cm x 45.5cm x 45.5cm. If you love making homemade pasta as much as we do, this is a definite must have! Our traditional wooden drying rack is perfect for drying fresh h…


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The Pasta Machine Cookbook

The Pasta Machine Cookbook is a major revision of the first cookbook to focus on the pasta itself, rather than the sauces to go with it. It’s full of new, improved recipes for both hand-cranked and el…


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Norpro 112 Grip-EZ Pastry and Ravioli Wheel

This double-headed pastry wheel features a flat and fluted wheel that is ideal for cutting all types of patries and pastas….


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